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Walt Disney’s Miracle: The History Of Amusing Cartoon Maker

Walt Disney was the famous pioneer of cartoons films. He produced television series, motion pictures and gave life to the world magic – Disneyland. We all love The Walt Disney World! And when you like something you try to find out more and more information about it. Owe to Internet and all of its opportunities it`s not so difficult to do. You can search the correct information on web, find it in books or just buy the needed researches at custom services. Now we will help you to explore the history of this amusing cartoon maker and know how it all began! Let`s start!

Walt Disney Biography:

The Disney family moved to Marceline Missouri as soon as Walt Disney was born (in the year 1901), and he spent most of his childhood there. He took up interest in art, at a very early age and starting selling his drawings in the neighborhood. He chose art as his career and also learned photography from McKinley High School, Chicago.

The Walt Disney biography accounts his love and appreciation towards nature, wildlife, family and community, which were all essential to agrarian living. The family had little money, which made his father disapprove of his son. However, Walt Disney’s mother and elder brother always supported his dreams.

By fall, 1918, Walt tried to enroll in military services, but was rejected as he was only 16. He was sent to France after joining the Red Cross, and he spent one year driving ambulances and chauffeuring for officials. However, his ambulances were covered with sketches of Disney cartoons everywhere!

After returning from France, he tried to pursue commercial art as his career. It started with his small startup named Laugh-O-Grams, but soon went bankrupt. He only had a suitcase and $20, with which he marched to Hollywood.

After a lot of trails and rejections, he saw a ray of success through “Alice Comedies”, and people noticed him. He married one of his old employees, Lillian Bounds, in 1925, and was later blessed with two daughters.

The year 1932 marked a milestone where he won an Academy Award for his first color cartoon – Flowers and Trees. Later, in 1937, he used multi-plane camera techniques and released “The Old Mill.” By the end of that very year, he produced his first full animated musical film which premiered at Carthay Theater, Los Angeles. The film required a production cost of $1,499,000, even through the times of depression. It is one of the greatest heights of the motion picture industry till date. For the next few years, his studio produced numerous other classics like Pinocchio, Bambi, Dumbo, Fantasia, etc. Walt Disney was one of the first to offer us full-color programming through “Wonderful World of Color”, released in 1961.

The creation of Mickey Mouse:

Among all the Disney cartoons the character of Mickey Mouse had immense craze. The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind, when we think about Walt Disney, is Mickey Mouse. This cartoon was created after replacing the character of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Oswald had striking similarities to Mickey and there were numerous animals that were replaced before settling down on a mouse! His character was inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s spirit, and its first appearance was in “Plane Crazy”, 1928.

Initially, Mickey Mouse was a silent character, but his next presence at “Steamboat Willie” had background music and sound. Mickey made all weird noises, but couldn’t speak till 1929, when Walt Disney himself covered him! The first line Mickey spoke was “hot dogs, hot dogs!” In 1932, Walt Disney received an Oscar for Mickey Mouse, and there was no stopping for him. Other film studios of that era were still stuck with silent cartoons, but Mickey rose to fame and never looked back!

Mickey evolved through the middle of the 20th century and moved on comic strips, video games, feature films, toys and the dream theme park of Disney world. In 1934, Mickey was also introduced in Encyclopedia Britannica. In 1935, it had its first appearance with all colors in the “The Band Concert.” Another famous appearance was in the film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” This had gone viral with the merge of Looney Tunes characters.

World of Disney:

The dream of having his own amusement park was fulfilled with Disneyland in 1955. At present, we have 11 Disney Parks, all over the world. If we want to feel the magic and miracle of Walt Disney, we ought to explore the Disney world.

Walt Disney showed us how our imagination, positivity and creativity can shape us into people we didn’t know we could be! The legend and folk hero is immortal in American tradition, and people still follow his footsteps. He gave us endings to the future, by nurturing the past, and that is why we will never have someone as amusing as him!

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