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Trends in Mobile Apps and Downloads

Mobile Apps have changed the entire theme of electronic media. Mobile phones have been around for decades now. These electronic mobile devices have become a great help to the millions of people in so far as communication needs are concerned. In recent years, the continuous innovations in technology have produced smartphones as the latest and most advanced breed of mobile phones. With the phenomenal popularity of smartphones come mobile apps.

Mobile apps are developed to address the needs of consumers. For example, there are apps designed for maps and direction needs. One good example is the Google Maps. There are also game mobile apps which obviously are for entertainment purposes. For 2013, some of the best are Angry Birds, Star Wars and Real Racing 3. There are also mobile apps for online data storage space such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Apparently, there is a continuous creation of new mobile apps and more and more people are downloading available mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Trends

Mobile Apps and Downloads Mobile Apps and Downloads

In 2010, there are more than 300,000 applications available according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). There apps were downloaded 10.9 billion times. Based on these and the current trends in downloads, the IDC predicts that there will be about 76.9 billion downloads by 2014. This amounts to a staggering US$35 billion. In terms of market share, Android and Apple are among the top ranking brands. Apple used to have the largest share but in the 2nd quarter of 2010, Android had 44% of the total downloads while Apple only took 31%. The other app stores such as Blackberry, Ovi (Nokia) and Android have 18,000, 130,000 and 25,000 apps respectively.

Most Used Apps Across All Types of Smartphones

Mobile Apps

There are thousands of mobile apps that fall under several categories. In the US, the most popular are music, social networking, maps, news and games. This is according to Nielsen in June 2010. The most used mobile apps are The Weather Channel, Google and Facebook. It should be noted that used is different from downloaded. On the average, US Smartphone users have 22 mobile apps. When it comes to OS type, iPhone users have the most with 37 apps. Moreover, feature-phone users have 10 apps.

Though Facebook is technically not a download app, it is the most downloaded mobile apps in 2010. This is according to GetJar, an independent app store where Facebook has been downloaded 100 million times.

Revenue from Apps


In 2011, Canalys has predicted that the direct revenue from apps will rise to $36.7 billion by 2015. These cover subscriptions, in-app purchases and sale of apps across all types of smartphones and tablets. With these figures, it is very clear that the app market is a huge source of revenue for Smartphone brands. Apparently, this has resulted in the continuous development of mobile apps particularly the categories that are downloaded the most like games.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Definitely, the development of apps has several influences in the operations and success of small businesses. Today, they don’t just use smartphones to access RingCentral business phone but they also use it to access apps. In addition, they themselves can also create apps that can help them improve efficiency in operations. One good example is the creation of an e-wallet app for better and faster transaction of payments.

With these data, it seems that there will be a continuous trend in the development of more apps. There trend in app download will also continue to increase.

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