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Top Ways to Add Photography at Any Event

Are you planning a big event? Maybe it’s a wedding, a school disco or your child’s first birthday. You want to have fun and enjoy the whole event but you always want something special to remember it by. Photography is perfect for that, especially with the capabilities of digital photography and technology these days. Struggling to decide on the type of photography that you want? Here are a few way to make your night memorable.


1. Organise a Professional Photographer for the Special Shots

There are going to be people who want professional photographs from the night. They may want something of them as a couple or just a group of friends to remember the night. If you’re having a wedding, you want a professional photographer who will be able to capture all the right moments and offer some special shots for your big day.


Professional photographers can be expensive so it will depend on your budget. Assess whether you can afford one for a couple of hours for the start of the event to capture as everyone enters to give your guests a special momentum of the night. If you have a wedding, the photography will be an important part of your event so will be an important part of your budget arrangements.

2. Organise a Photo Booth for the Funny Shots

Have you seen the trend lately in photo booths? These are great options for all types of events, whether you want a birthday party or a wedding. Your guests will love the chance to put on different accessories and take funny photos. It’s great for individuals, couples, family members and a group of friends


San Antonio photo booths are so much fun and affordable. You’ll get to keep the photographs taken and get copies for your friends. It’s just a fun way to remember your night.

3. Get Your Guests to Take Your Photos

Guest get some of the perfect shots. Everyone is a fun photographer now with smartphones and cheap digital cameras. You can also invest in disposable cameras for everyone to get shots that they love. This is great for all types of events and really helps to keep the costs down—although you won’t get the professional shots in this way!

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Guest often get some of the funniest moments on film and can even take videos with most digital cameras. You’ll be laughing for hours as you get all those shots that people think you really need for remembering the night, whether it’s children at birthday parties or the adults at the wedding! Just remember to ask them to put their shots online or send them to you so you have them!

Try out the different types of photography options available. Let your friends enjoy the night but have something to remember it all by at the end of the night.

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This guest post was written by Criss Derek, an event organiser. He was helped people plan business events, weddings and school dances and recommends investing in San Antonio photo booths to allow guests to have that extra fun.

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