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Top E-Commerce Websites of 2013

As the world is evolving with new advanced technology, internet has also been providing a huge platform for many companies and business organization to fulfil their entrepreneurial plans. For starting a web oriented business all you have to have is a brilliant idea and some investment. There have been numerous web based which has become a huge success and is dominating the E-Commerce Websites industry now. Nowadays people also prefer to purchase from these e-commerce websites firms as they are easy to access and provides a home delivery at a very affordable cost.

These e-commerce websites provides a wide range of useful facilities like the revolutionary cash on delivery and some of them also offer return policies when the customer is not satisfied with the product. India is also a very good place for the e-commerce industry to thrive. And presently India has developed a concrete platform for the e-commerce companies and is growing in an accelerating rate.

Some of the best e-commerce website of 2013 is as follows

1. Flipkart


It is an Indian e-commerce websites and it’s headquarter is in Karnataka. It was found in 2007 by Sachin Bansal. In the early stage of the company it was only focussed on selling of books and later started to expand its business and it is now a huge hit India. It also accepted the cash on delivery system which made it to attract the typical Indian customers. It is one of the most popular website for e-commerce in India.

2. Homeshop18


It is an online and on-air marketing and distribution e-commerce websites project of Network 18 Group, which is based in Noida. It was launched in 2008 and was the India’s first 24*7 Home Shopping TV programme. In the programme live demonstration of products were given by the anchors. Later along with the widespread use of internet HomeShop18 extended to the online shopping coupons, schemes and it is now a well-established online market place.

3.  Snapdeal

E-Commerce Websites

It is the largest online market in India and is based e-commerce websites in New Delhi. Snapdeal offers products starting from mobile, electronic gadgets, fashion and lifestyle and more. It also has to offer more services like spas, saloons, restaurants, entertainment and more. The company was founded by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal in February 2010.

4. EBay


EBay has brilliantly created a marketplace type of environment online. It has allowed every buyer to become a seller and they can sell their unused products. It has provided a great security to both its buyers and sellers and has been successful to impress and win the trust of the customers. Ebay e-commerce websites has changed the psyche of the Indian buyers and sellers and has given a new dimension to the online shopping idea.

5. Myntra

E-Commerce Websites of 2013

It was founded in 2007 by Ashutosh Lawania, Vineet Saxena and MukeshBansal; all of them were IIT alumni. It offers only fashion and lifestyle products. It also started personalization of products. It has its offices at New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

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