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Top 5 photography destinations in Myanmar

Boasting extraordinary landscapes and unique culture that sealed for decades, Myanmar with its opening door is now a world class destination for any photographer. The country offers so many chances to expect an awarding photo.  Our travel expert from Yangon releases his best choice of where to take photos in Myanmar:

photography destinations in Myanmar
Shwedagon Pagoda
It is no surprise to say Shwedagon is a must-see for any trip to Myanmar. The site exposes not only the riches of Buddhism relics but also the lively daily scene where local people come to practice their religion. The pagoda complex has perfect light condition for sunset shooting.
Shwedagon is included in any Yangon Day Tours as well special shooting program in Yangon.

Inle Lake
The lake of Inle is famous for floating gardens, rotating market and stilt villages. The most iconic photo that you should not miss is the demonstration of Inthar fishermen who control and drive his boat by one leg. Those who fancy beautiful portraits can capture the long-neck hill tribes or Padaung ethnic minority in their village. Indein market also offers a great chance to meet the friendly people who live in the lakeside hamlets too.
For a day excursion to Sagar or Pakkoku, photographers will be amazed by the wealth of Pa-O hill tribe culture with many historic sites and traditional workshops.

There is a saying that if you do not visit Bagan, you have not seen Myanmar and it is always true for any Myanmar Photo Tour or culture holiday. Studded by over 2,500 pagodas and temples, Bagan offers a grat travel back to the past. Photogenic chances vary from monks by temples to exotic works of producing lacquer ware and the stunning sunset from a pagoda peak.
One of the highlighted experiences in Bagan is the sunrise over Bagan. Amongst many ways to appreciate this spectacular, Balloon is the best choice. It allows you to immerse in the top views from river to villages, market to monastery.

Naga Land
Located by the border of India and Myanmar, Naga land promise the endless opportunities to meet nomad hill tribes of Naga in their most original customs. The people in Naga highlight any visits with their festival in spring time and you will be amongst few travelers year round to reach this remote land.

Mrauk U
Home to the ancient Arakan kingdom, Mrauk U is one of the richest archaeological wonders in Asia. Sunrise over jungles is the most celebrated moments while the untouched nature features perfect shoots for wildlife shooting.
Mrauk U is best reached during the dry season and arranged photo workshops are available if you contact local agencies.


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