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Top 5 Best Luxury Rolex Watches for Men – Most Expensive Watches

Rolex watches is famous for their excellent craftsmanship and high end watch designs. Rolex use very high quality material in watch manufacturing which makes their watch precise and accurate for timekeeping.Rolex has acquired the Swiss technology as the company was founded in Switzerland. Rolex has more than a century history in watch manufacturing industry and Rolex management has elegantly used their experience and techniques while making Swiss watches.

Rolex was the first company to introduce scratch resistant and waterproof watches in the market. If you are looking to buy cheap Rolex watches then you are living in dreams because Rolex is a luxury watch brand and their watches have great worth in market. Rolex branded watches are Men’s most preferable watches. It increases their prestige and personality glamor.

Take a look at following Rolex Watches

Top 5 Best Rolex Watches

Rolex Cosmograph:

Rolex Cosmograph has chronograph functionality. You can measure time up 1/20th of a second. Watch is made of stainless steel with replaceable steels straps. You can see diamonds in the face

best rolex watches

Rolex Submariner:

Submariner is most famous watch from Rolex series. It is a beautiful black dial watch with diamonds accented on face

best rolex watches

Black Dial Oyster Rolex Submariner:

It another marvelous Gold watch from Rolex submariner series.Gold is feasible on black face dial watch. Watch body is made of stainless steel and It bezel is unidirectional rotatable. Hands are luminous in dark.

gold rolex watch

Green Face Rolex Submariner:

Green face Rolex submariner is a limited edition watch. Sea green is very unique color and it is hard to find in luxury watches. If you are fan of Big Face Watches then you should get this watch as soon as possible. Unique green dial and Rolex brand stamp makes it one the most wanted watches in the market

best rolex watches

Men’s 18K Gold Rolex Yachtmaster:

rolex yacht master watch

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