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Top 10 Funny Photography Apps

Funny photography apps are the best help against any boredom. Do you want to make funny photos with your phone? There are a number of apps available on the App Store and Google play sore that let you create funny photos. In this recent article on boredom, you will be shown best fun photo apps that let you transform your normal photos into funny photos easily and quickly. With these effective fun Photography Apps, you can make funny photo instantly.

Top 10 Funny Photography Apps

1. Morfo 3D Face Booth

10 Funny Photography Apps

3D photos now have gained more and more attention. Morfo 3D Face Booth is a 3D photo camera that creates 3D face photo with any ordinary photography apps. For example, you can edit a photo of yours, a friend, your pet, celebrity etc. and make a 3D face in a fun way like making your 3D face head bang to rock music. The option of emailing the photo and uploading the photo on Facebook is available.

2. Zombie Booth


Turn yourself into a real live zombie with photography apps! Sounds funny. Take or choose a photo, mark the photos and go. Your face will be animated like a zombie. You can shuffle between a numbers of different zombie styles each one more horrifying than the previous one. Share it with friends via YouTube (for the video), Facebook, email, or save it to your photo library by editing photography apps.

3. Goofy Booth (Funny Mirror)

photography apps

This app Feature on Wrapping faces and photos in a funny manner. With a single touch, the mirror twists your face in hilarious ways. The app includes camera filters that are more fun. The warping begins instantly the moment the photography apps starts. You’ll find yourself flipping through effects for hours.

4. Photo Wrap+

This photography apps is similar to Goofy Booth. It will melt your face. Just select a picture from the camera roll or capture a new photo and get started to wrap, bend and distort your photo. Make yourself skinner or enlarge body parts that you might want. Go crazy by putting several pounds of fat on your friends’ photo and tease him/her. This app can be hilarious when friends get together and make fun of each other.

5. Photo Art

Everyone can be artist with this photography apps. You can colour the picture with your fingers. The app includes 32 effects, 12 types of brushes to colour your pics. You can create beautiful effects and can upload on Facebook and other social networking sites and share with our friends and colleagues.

6. iSwap Faces


It’s very common to add funny effect to faces in photos. iSwap Faces is just such a kind of funny iPhone camera which you can use to swap two faces in a photography apps. Place the masks over the faces and exchange it among friends and more.

7. Fun Camera

Fun Camera is a free iOS camera photography apps making fun with your friends’ photo like adding smoke to the head of your friend and holding a burning fire which you can take photos with overlay real-time effects. It even supports you to combine the original photo and edited photo to get a much funnier one.

8. Cartoonize


Cartoonize Photography Apps allows you to quickly add a cartoon effect to your photos with one tap; you can continually increase the cartoon effect until you’re satisfied. Just upload a photo from your library or take one with the camera and you’re ready to get started.

9. Doodle Booth


This is a really cute photography apps that lets you put all kinds of doodle stickers on your photos, from facial features and wigs to frames and speech bubbles. The stickers and UI are quite adorable. My only quibble with this app is that you have to upgrade in-app in order to save or share your photos.

10. Aging Booth

Funny Photography Apps

Imagine you look at 80’s and 90’s. Funny right? These photography apps does make you look really ugly. Just add wrinkles and age spotting and rotten teeth on your face.

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