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Top 10 Facebook Photographic Timeline Covers

As you know, the utility of Facebook is increasing day by day and you’ve got a lot people using this social network for their own purposes. Well, some do great jobs by designing their timelines using different cover pictures and profile pictures. Here are some amazing ideas in which you can design your Facebook Covers Designs making it look different and unique.

Top 10 Facebook Covers Designs


1. Polaroid-style photo

You can make a photographic cover photos for Facebook by making use of the Polaroid-style photo to introduce yourself as this new Facebook Timeline checks your creativity and presentation. This would be one of the best presentations.

Polaroid-style photo

2. Half your Face

You can have a profile picture with half of your face visible while the other half of your face is completed with cover picture and hence completing your identity. This is very much attractive indeed.

half your face cover photo

3. Document Style

You can also use the picture of your ID card or any other document having your photo. Upload this as you timeline cover picture in such as way like the photo in the document is hidden by the profile picture and then you can use some other picture of yours as your profile picture. This would look like something unique.

Documents Style Cover Photos

4. Football Team

Now, if you are a football player, you can use your team’s picture as your timeline cover pic, setting it in such a way that you are hidden by the profile picture which is a separate image uploaded by you. This would give a classis look to your timeline.

Facebook Covers Designs

5. Camera Real

A camera real running from top to bottom can be embedded as your timeline cover picture situated just above your profile picture so that you can upload some other picture. This would be much creative and amazing. This would be better if you carry out an oldie presentation style.

Camera Real

6. Galaxy Design

You can take a picture of yours like you are into the Galaxy in a dark evening, surrounded by stars and the moon. Use it as the cover picture but take another picture presenting yourself as a belonging to the cover picture. This will give a cool look to your profile and timeline.

Galaxy design

7. Own Saying

Make a facebook cover picture of some saying or some words written by you and show it as if you are saying it by connecting it with the profile picture in which you are introduced. With this, you can portray your writings and other stuff that you have created.

Facebook Covers

8. Cardboard Design

You can make a cover picture displaying some cardboard queued in a good design while the last cardboard is invisible because it hangs as your profile picture. This would be something eye catching and interesting.

Cardboard Design Photo

9. Holding Own Photo

You can capture an image of you holding your photo and use it as your facebook profile picture. Now the same picture can be uploaded in a bigger size as the cover picture which would give a great look to your timeline.

holding own photo

10. Appropriate Sizing

Take a picture of you holding your photo and use it in such a way that your hand or palm with which you are holding your photo is invisible because of the profile picture. Now put the invisible part as another picture in your profile picture in the appropriate size.

Facebook timelines Covers


So, these are the top 10 Photographic timeline designs that would provide an amazing, unique and eye catching visual to the visitors watching your profile and timeline.

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