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Tips To Help You Take Great Photos For Your Instagram

I know you love Instagram and you also love taking great photos. As social media evolves, the camera technology has not been left behind. Today, there are numerous cameras and even smartphones that have excellent cameras capable of taking high-quality photographs. However, even with a great camera, you can never take great photos if you don’t know what it takes to do so. So, whether you are after a top-down foodie shot, the bright look of cities at night, nature landscape or just a minimalistic look, these effective and straightforward tips will help you take the best pictures for your Instagram page.

Tips To Help You Take Great Photos For Your Instagram

Forget the Filters and focus on Composition

Yes, we all know filters are great, and they give pictures a distinctive look and feel. However, instead of relying on filters, it is best to have a solid picture underneath even if you are going to add a filter. It may take time to snap the perfect photo and at the right angle, but if you have a great camera, especially one with a bright aperture and large sensor, you will be able to capture the tiniest and finest of details on your subject.

Point of View (POV)

If you love photography, then you know that the most appealing photos don’t happen by accident. It calls for ideal positioning, right location as well as the right POV to convey the image or bring out the message you want from the photo. That means you will have to stay in weird angles and get into those tight spots to get a perfect shot. Cameras such as the Canon G series come with cameras that tilt up and down. Smartphones even tilt all around, and that makes it easy to get that tricky point of view.

Shoot in Landscape

If you are not shooting a person portrait or something where you wish to emphasize a vertical aspect, then you may want to stick to landscape mode. This gives more space as well as extra depth to work with. Ideally, most social media platforms favor the landscape format. So, if you wish to capture epic shots, use the landscape mode especially on a camera with a wide angle lens.

The Lighting

Lighting is undoubtedly the most vital aspect of photography, and it’s the difference between a pleasing photo and a mediocre picture. That being said, it is always best to get the best lighting possible before taking a shot. In places where you cannot control the lighting, try to get a camera like Canon G series, or the renowned smartphones such as the iPhone, Samsung s7 or the Google Pixel for low light captures. This allows you for shoot wherever and whenever without worrying too much about the lighting.

Avoid Using Instagram For Taking Photos

Instagram offers a lot of great features, but the in-app camera is not the best. If you want to shoot high-quality photos, get a camera like the Canon G series or use the primary camera app to make your shots. However, if you want to take professional pictures, you may want to go with the former.

After you have mastered the photo you can always add some likes to it to give it leverage on social media.

So, there you have it- five simple yet effective tips to take great photos for your Instagram page.

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