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Surprising Paper Art Trend of 2016

As each year passes there are always trends that come and trends that go. Paper art is a medium of art that has endless possibilities. This form of art has been used for literally thousands of years and there seems to be no end in sight for the paper art world. As we have all seen some amazing paper art pieces through the years, we have all also had those times where we were scratching our heads wondering how someone came up with a specific idea. Those are the trends that surprise us and here are a few paper art trends that will both amaze and possibly even make you think a little.


Origami Taxidermy

We have all entered the home of an avid hunter. There is always at least one room entirely dedicated to their prized kills. If they happen to be the decorator of the family these prized trophies are mounted all over the home. For people who have grown up around the hunting world, they do not seem bothered by the practice, but there is an ever increasing number of people who are highly offended by the act of killing an animal and then boasting of the kill by mounting it on the wall. There is now a solution that, although will not appease the hunter, will make the activist feel a little different about the art of taxidermy.

Origami is an age old tradition in which paper is folded into truly endless aspects. Now both taxidermy and origami have met in the middle. Although the taxidermy is not made from true paper it does look exactly like origami paper animals made for generations. Not only can you get bear and elephant origami taxidermy art, but you can even have the fabled unicorn on your wall for all to see.

Book Paper Art:

With everyone reading books primarily through their smartphones, tablets, and other technology based devices, printed book sales are becoming a thing of the past. It is an unfortunate occurrence as books have captivated countless people through the words written within their pages for generations, but there are times where a book becomes damaged or dishevelled and unable to be used anymore. Artistic minds are turning with new book art that becomes a beautiful way to see a book in a different light.

People are now making intricate carvings into books of all designs and sizes for use as mere decorations in their homes. The books can be carved into different shapes and even words or names. These forms of art dose destroy the pages of a book, but should you have a book missing a few pages, this is a great way to keep the book on display as opposed to throwing it away. The

Paper Tube Art:

Paper tubes can come from almost anywhere. Most of us have at least one paper tube in our home although we may not even realize it. Bathroom tissue and paper towels are all wrapped around paper tubes that we throw away every day. Instead of simply tossing this piece out the door once the paper is used many interior designers and home designers alike are seeing the artistic value in these paper tubes.

Artists are creating fantastic wall art with these ordinary tubes. They can be cut down into smaller pieces and attached to the wall to create leaves and are even being painted to make beautiful flowers. Some are even using the tubes in varying sizes for unique ways to display their pictures without spending money on standard picture frames.

Paper Quilling Earrings:

Tiny strips of paper are being used to create beautiful artfully crafted earrings that are both light and fashionable enough to wear with any style. Paper quilling is taking these strips of paper and tightly winding them into a small tube that can be attached to other quilling pieces to make earrings of both beauty and unique texture. They can be made in any color you can find the paper in and even sprayed with a special lacquer so they will last for many years and be resistant to water.

Paper is a wonderful way to express your creativity. Twenty Fingers do this every day and enjoy every aspect of it. Please browse their gallery and see what inspirations you can gain from there. You will never be disappointed to have one of the fantastic family tree papercuts adorning the walls of your home.

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