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Smartphone Is A More Important Photography Tool

Smartphones are now pretty much ubiquitous, with everyone from schoolkids through to grandparents now in possession of an all singing, all dancing mobile device from Apple, Blackberry, Samsung or one of the other big names. While cameras on phones were around long before the touch screen revolution, they used to be rather basic affairs which were fine for texting a quick picture to a friend or making a video call, but not much else. On the latest phones, the megapixel count has soared and the quality of the hardware used to take pictures has become an important selling point of the top end devices, plus, there are plenty of apps that let you edit and share your pictures straight from your phone.

smartphone-camera Premium-“Lens-style-Camera”

This is all fantastic, but a lot of photography enthusiasts still see smartphone cameras as much lesser tools than their ‘proper’ digital cameras. While it is almost always the case that a piece of technology designed to do just one thing (in this case take pictures), will do it better than a device that does that one thing, plus thousands of other things, like letting you make phonecalls, update your Facebook status, check the stock market, win at poker at Euro Palace Mobile Casino, and play Fruit Ninja, the smartphone camera is actually a much more important photography tool than it is often given credit for.


Why you should love your smartphone camera

Here are some of the top reasons why, as a photographer, you should love the camera on your phone:

  • It is always with you, and it is always on hand. When that perfect photo opportunity comes along, you don’t always have time to get out your camera and set it up for the shot, but you can always whip out your phone and catch it!
  • Apps can make even the beginner’s photos look great. For the purist, all those Instagram filters may be a little tiresome, but when you are starting out, a little bit of app induced magic can help your photos shine, and even being able to do things like crop pictures on the fly can be very helpful.
  • Sharing is easy. Because your phone is usually online, you can very quickly and easily share your photos via social media or upload them to your website while you are on the go.
  • Some phones have great advanced photography features. With an iPhone, for example, you can easily take 360 degree panoramic shots. 

With all these features, isn’t it time you started thinking of your camera phone a little more seriously?

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