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Shocking photos taken from GoPro Cameras

GoPro is known as the company that makes small, wearable, waterproof and shockproof cameras.

GoPro’s Cameras are using by the surfing community as well as by the bicycling, skdiving and skiing communities. Its latest and most advanced model is the Wi-Fi enabled HD HERO3, which was released today. To show you just what this camera is capable, the company also just released an awesome 5-minute video.

These photos has been taken from Alice, such a wonderful sort of collection she has in her gallery.

Grant Davis used the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac + Wi-Fi Combo Kit to capture this epic shot on Australia’s Gold Coast.

GoPro rockstar Bucky Lasek handplants it in his backyard pool.

Mind bending moment captured by BMX legend Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla. Mike says “I shot this completely solo today using the GoPro wifi remote pack, this product is a game changer for kids!”

Trampoline fun with GoPro user Sindre “Hangloose” Hauglin!

Wakeboarding with GoPro fan Christian Schranz, who says “Air railey at Cableways in Dresden (Leuben Lake).”

GoPro fan Filipe Fernandes encountered a bit of a road block on his mountain bike ride in Portugal!

Ride the Minibus on the Ottawa River! Photo by GoPro fan Patrick Camblin.

Let’s go fly a kite, with GoPro fan Lionel Gruffaz!

GoPro athlete Anthony Walsh gets shacked on GoPro’s latest shoot.

Congrats to GoPro athlete and LEGEND Kelly Slater for his 51st win on the tour at the Quicksilver Pro France.

Wipeout! Sweet SUP shot by GoPro fan Joan Bonet, upside down in Mallorca!

Dylan James Ferguson Skiing getting some big air at the water ramp park in Park City, Utah!

GoPro Media guru Jordan Miller hanging out on location for the Jeb Corliss wingsuit shoot in China last year.

Can you spot the remote? GoPro rockstar Caleb Farro front-flipping over the Unbound Terrain Park in Mammoth, CA!

GoPro rockstar Nate Bosshard getting steep and deep last winter!

It’s too bad Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla never seems like he’s having any fun.

Hang gliding over Soca Valley in Slovenia with Matjaz Klemencic! — at Soca Valley, Slovenia.

Look out below! Sweet shot from GoPro fan Guru Khalsa’s foot mounted HERO!

Skydiving social. How many GoPros do you see? Photo by Shawn Perreault

GoPro rockstar Roberta Mancino (Mancino Roberta) flies through the Crack in Switzerland

Wingsuit flyby. Amazing. *Correction – not a flyby but a true dock! With GoPro fan Barry Holubeck.

Mind (and space) bending skydive photo by Andy Godwin


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