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Romantic and Appealing Rain Photography

There are many photographers who took photographs in the rain. Although it might be expensive experience for them because it becomes very risky sometime because if any drop of water falls on the camera lens than It can be the cause to damage the camera. That is why photographers don’t forget to protect their digital cameras and its accessories from water. Rain photography can be exciting to follow is because of the shapes, colors and shadows. Some times photography in the rain becomes very excited because you are very lucky if rainbow appears and what would be a sign for you to take those shots of it counting its expression in whatever surface you find interesting.
Many photographers do not feel happy in taking photographs in bad weather like in storms, rain, etc. Even bad weather sometimes gives the perfect chance to take shots of those moments. Here we are presenting some photographs which are being captured in rain. Enjoy!

Rain Photography-

Rain Photography-1

Rain Photography-2

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Rain Photography-4

Rain Photography-5

Rain Photography-6

Rain Photography-7

Rain Photography-8

Rain Photography-9

Rain Photography-11

Rain Photography-12

Rain Photography-13

Rain Photography-14

Rain Photography-15

Rain Photography-16

Rain Photography-17

Rain Photography-18

Rain Photography-19

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