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Points to Hiring a Chocolate Fountain for Wedding

Chocolate fountain nowadays have become the most sought after things in weddings for people who want to impress their guests, especially females and kids. They are commonly used in evening buffet which not only replaces the dessert section but also look elegant adding to the beauty of the decoration at the food counters. What’s more surprising is that the waterfall like flowing chocolate from the chocolate fountain becomes a point of attraction for everyone creating a delicious euphoria at your wedding.


There is no doubt that a chocolate fountain will make your wedding a successful and memorable event but when you decide to hire one for your wedding, you should bear important points in mind so that you get a good deal in terms of price and quality. Here are a few points that you should consider while hiring a Chocolate Fountain.

Hiring a Chocolate Fountain

Research Good Supplier: This should be on your top to do list while hiring a chocolate fountain. Look for the nearby chocolate fountain providers who can quickly make it to your wedding venue. You can consider your friend’s opinion or look for them online based on the good ratings.

Price of the Chocolate Fountain: When your wedding budget is already crossing its limit, you need to see that the price of the chocolate fountain you hire does not create an additional burden on you. Research enough for the price of the standard chocolate fountain along with additional services. A big fountain for 200 to 300 people can cost you around $1000 while if you opt for a smaller fountain for around 80 to120 people may fall under the bracket of $300 to $500.

Quality: When you know the price of the standard chocolate fountain, you must check the quality. Sometimes during the peak seasons, the suppliers often resort to delivering low quality chocolate and dips. A good quality chocolate fountain generally uses Belgian Chocolate with different variations of chocolates such as dark, milk, white, etc. Depending on the price you pay, ensure that you get the best quality chocolate and dips that can really impress your guests.

Additional Services: You should never forget to inquire about the additional services that your chocolate fountain provider will be offering to you. A good supplier organizes the whole set up the chocolate fountain at your venue along with providing a staff to insert and maintain the chocolate level in the fountain and provides enough cleaning services to maintain the hygiene levels.

Chocolate fountain

Size of the Fountain: Check for the sizes of the chocolate fountain based on your budget. Chocolate fountains come in varied diameter and heights. A medium sized fountain comes with 33” height and 16” diameter while the large ones feature 44” height and 18” diameter. On the other hand, small fountains are 19” tall with 8” diameter. If the number of guests at your event are quite large, a small sized fountain can be really frustrating for the guests as they would have to wait in the queue while it will be perfect for home parties. It is advisable to check the number of guests before opting a particular size of chocolate fountain otherwise it will be very embarrassing if you run out of chocolate fountain before the wedding finishes.

Decoration and Presentation: You should also check the presentation of the chocolate fountain. A fountain with good decoration and presentation can add a touch of class. Many suppliers provide cascading chocolates with colorful fruits around the chocolate fountain that adds to its elegance. Several suppliers also use illuminated display along with professional platters and tablecloths that looks clean and decent.


Besides the above points, you should also make sure certain things while hiring a chocolate fountain.

  • Ensure that the fountain is made up of hygienic stainless steel
  • Check for the dipping items provided by the supplier
  • Select the area where you want to place the chocolate fountain

Hiring a chocolate fountain considering the above points can be really helpful. You just need to take out a bit of your time from your schedule which will help you get the best fountain to please your guests at the same time make your wedding special.

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