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Photographs of Ferrari 612 GTO

When we think about sports cars the first name that comes in our mind that is Ferrari. Today Photography Heat is going to feature the Ferrari 612 GTO Concept. This concept is designed by Russian car designer, currently based in Germany. The concept combines design elements from the current Ferrari model line-up, such as the front headlights – with Aston-Martin-like proportions.

Ferrari 612 GTO-

Ferrari 612 GTO-1

Ferrari 612 GTO-2

Ferrari 612 GTO-3

Ferrari 612 GTO-4

Ferrari 612 GTO-5

Ferrari 612 GTO-6

Ferrari 612 GTO-7

Ferrari 612 GTO-8

Ferrari 612 GTO-9

Ferrari 612 GTO-10

Ferrari 612 GTO-11

Ferrari 612 GTO-12

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