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Paul Walker Actor Died in Car Crash Photos

Famous actor of Fast & Furious Action Movies Paul Walker has been died at 40 one day ago in car crash. After his friend lost get a handle on of a Porsche GT which broke into a tree and a pole actor Paul Walker, most widely known for his part within the Fast & Furious motion films, has died in a motor vehicle accident.

The fund-raiser, to gain victims of Typhoon Haiyan, has been happening in a race-car store near the scene of the crash. The driver of the car has-been recognized as former competition car driver Roger Rodas, 38, who was simply also Walker’s financial adviser. Paul Walker was a daddy of a daughter who is 15 years old.

We have collected some photos of his car which is crashed after hitting the lighting pole and a tree and a video in which you can watch his car burning and also sharing some old photographs of his. May God Rest In Piece Paul Walker.

Paul Walker Actor Died

Paul Walker Car Crash

Paul Walker Died

First-responders collect data near the wreckage of the Porsche sports vehicle that crashed right into a light post on Hercules Street near Kelly Johnson Parkway in Valencia on Saturday, November 30, eliminating actor Paul Walker

actor Paul Walker died

Paul walker Horror crash

actor Paul Walker died in car crash

actor Paul Walker

after car crash of Paul Wallker

Actor Paul Walker (left) described with his buddy Roger Rodas who both died when a Porsche GT broke in to a tree and a post in Santa Clarita

Actor Paul Walker died with his friendRoger Rodas

cherry-red Porsche Carrer GT that Paul Walker died

Animal lover Walker

fast 5 scene Paul Walker

fast and furious actor paul walker

Old Paul Walker

Paul Walker 1

Paul walker in brazil with his team

Paul Walker oldies

Paul Walker

Pual Walker in Childhood

You Tube Video

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