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Noob Photographer Bingo: The Most Common Noob Photography Fails

Those who are into their photography will no doubt have a list of noob photography fails that they used to do and can laugh about now with hindsight. In the spirit of Throw Back Thursday, this post features the most common fails in photography that, if we are truly honest, have all done at some point in our lives!

Noob Photographer

Not using the flash

A good photographer knows when to use their cameras flash and when it is not required. For one reason or another, most people get confused with this setting and end up having a dislike for this common noob photography fail. If your camera has a pop up flash that you are not keen on using, then an external flash would be the best solution and will greatly improve the quality of your pictures. See more at Sleeklens.

Forgetting to remove the lens cap

Although this is a photography fail that is easily corrected, it is still one of the most common, perhaps it is in the rush to get a shot that people do it, but it happens nonetheless. If you find yourself pointing your camera with the lens cap still on every once in a while, fret not because you’re not the only one!

Always taking photos in JPG

Another common noob photography fail is setting your camera to take picture in jpg format. Professional photographers will know however, that the best setting to take your pictures with is RAW. This is because when you take pictures in jpg, the camera applies edits to the file. While this maximises the space on your card, shooting in RAW gives you far more control over your productions and better image quality.

As an example, last year we featured a series of quality bingo shots that demonstrate that not only is the game still alive and kicking, quite a surprise given the ever increasing popularity of online bingo slot games these days, but moreover, the power of RAW files to professional photography.
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Using the wrong ISO

Most camera manuals carry the advice that it is better to use a low ISO when taking pictures with your camera, but there are some times when a high ISO can also be used such as in low light. The easiest and best way to getting this right is through practise until such details become second nature.


The noob photography fails above are just the tip of the iceberg in what would be a very long list, but they are quite common and most photographers will have experienced them at some point throughout their pursuit of the hobby.

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