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New Smartphone Cameras Have Killed the Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Do you have a mobile smart phone? Well if you do and you probably do, it likely has a camera built into it. Almost every brand new smart phone today has a camera in it, but this is something that we all take for granted in this day and age.

Probably, if you are young in your early 20s or teams, you don’t even remember the point and shoot cameras that used to be so popular with everyone. Only 10 years ago, everyone had a point and shoot camera. It was heavy and it took pictures that worked quite well, but it certainly wasn’t like the technology we have now.

Point and Shoot Cameras and Film Cameras Used to Be the Norm

At the time, point and shoot cameras were revolutionary. Before them, you had to have a film camera where you actually had to go load a physical roll of film into the back of the camera in a dark room to be safe before you could take pictures.

Smart Phone

And then, you had to make sure that you took perfect pictures or you would end up wasting all of that precious and expensive film inside the camera. You probably only had around 20 or 30 pictures to take at a time before you had to insert new roll of film into the back of the camera. You had to be very careful with the film that you took out of the camera as well because it could not ever be exposed to light or all of your precious pictures would be ruined.

At this time, things are very different. You couldn’t just log onto Facebook to see what your friends were doing or go to the Internet to Download Red Flush and win. Things very different at that time.

Downloading and Uploading Pictures

The way that we use, view and sort through pictures has also changed. Everything is digital now. Even after the film cameras where popular and the point and shoot cameras became the norm, people would go to the store or the photo stop to physically print out their photographs.

Close up photo of a female tourist taking photos of a beautiful beach in The Bahamas with her iPhone 4 camera

After they had their photos printed, they would share them with friends and family that way, or they might put them into albums or scrapbook with them. This was very popular. Today, everything is different. We always share photos digitally, which means that we may share them via a social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or upload them to the app Instagram, instead of actually printing them out physically in any way.

Times have definitely changed since the point and shoot camera was popular, and today, everyone has a smart phone camera that they can use to take all the pictures they want.

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