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Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Wedding Photographer

Photography is an important part of every wedding as the photographer captures different emotions of you and your friends on this very special day and immortalizes those moments in still images. Therefore, it’s very important to hire a professional photographer for wedding photography. Most couples get confused when it comes to selecting the best yet affordable wedding photographer and end up hiring a wrong person. When they see the result, they only regret as those moments can never come back. If you are getting married very soon, here are some of the mistakes you must not make while searching for and hiring a wedding photographer.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Wedding Photographer

Thinking that all photographers are the same:

This is the biggest mistake that some people make while hiring Wedding Photographer. They think photography is all the same no matter whether it is about fashion or wedding, but its not. You may love a fashion photographer’s work, but that does not mean he can take your wedding photos. Therefore, it is always important to hire a wedding photographer only who can take perfect portrait shots and group photos during the most memorable day of your life.


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Not considering the style:

Different wedding photographer follow different styles and you should pick the one that suits your taste. Some prefer traditional style like documenting people in different poses, while some prefer photo journalistic style where moments and emotions are more important than poses and full size portraits.

Not meeting the photographer in advance:

I have seen many weddings where the Wedding Photographer entered at the last minute and even the bride fails to recognize him because she talked with the agency, not the Wedding Photographer. You should always personally meet the photographer who will take your wedding and reception photos. Get to know the person, because you won’t like to argue with an arrogant man in front of guests if he does not do his job with proper attention.


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Just having the right gear is not enough:

Don’t get impressed if the wedding photographer shows you the latest DSLR. Cameras can be bought anytime, but knowledge does not come cheap. Some photographers buy costly gadgets to impress customers but in reality, they don’t know their functions and thus, never utilize the full potential of the high-end hardware.

Cheaper is better:

When you contact a number of wedding photographer, you will obviously notice a difference in their remuneration. Some may tell you that they charge $1000, while some may accept the work for $500 only. Don’t fall for a cheap rate because you will get what you paid for. The so called “affordable” service provider knows his capability and that is why charges less than expected while the $1000 guy knows his worth of wedding photographer and the difference can be realized by viewing their albums.

Don’t believe what you see

Ask the shortlisted wedding photographer to show you some of his previous work samples. He may show you some brilliant photos, but don’t believe him immediately. It’s quite possible that the photos were not taken by him or that he did lots of improvements using Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, contact his past clients and make sure that he truly worked for them. There is another simple way to catch a cheater of wedding photographer. You can upload any of his photos on Google Image Search and Google will immediately tell you whether it’s a stock photo or not.

Not sharing enough information:

You may have chosen a photo journalism style follower, but if you want a few traditional snaps of your parents, then inform him about this special requirement in advance. Similarly, if your overseas uncle is returning to his homeland for the first time after 10 years to attend your wedding and you want a special photo only with him, this information must be shared in advance because the wedding photographer roams around the ceremony hall to identify important people and may never take his photo unless you tell him.

Forgetting the contract:

Make sure that the wedding photographer offers you a written contract with all the details mentioned such as remuneration, number of photos to be developed, album size, formats (digital and print) etc. If you don’t sign the contract and keep everything verbal, the wedding photographer may later break his promise.


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