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Inspirational Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is depiction of nature created by God. Landscape is a natural scene mediated by culture. It is both a represented and presented space, both a signifier and a signified, both a frame and what a frame contains, both a real place and its simulacrum, both a package and the commodity inside the package.
Landscape painting reached at its peak in 18th Century and landscape photography came into being in 1889.
Landscape photography focuses on the natural world. Anything that is a part of the environment can be considered an apt subject for landscape photography. Whether its a shadow of a cloud on a green pasture or the expansive depths of the Grand canyon, landscape photography relies on an interesting perspective and a balanced composition to make it stand out.

Images of different photographers has been presented here for landscape seekers. Surely, you all will love it.
Note: All Images are linked to its original owner.

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