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Funny and Daunting Characters by Oscar Ramos

Oscar Ramos is Santiago, Chile based artist. He has done a wonderful job here we are featuring for the inspiration of our visitors. He has created some funny cartoon characters. These characters are perfect for branding for it because just because these are funny people can remember these characters for long time.

Each and every character gives its own different meaning so anyone can use it according to the need of his/her need. Funny and Daunting Characters designing is one of the famous and important tools for advertising and promotion of any business.

We have collected these photographs from his portfolio and almost compiled here his all photographs. You may visit his portfolio for complete collection. We are very hopeful that you will like his awesome work with wonderful creativity of Funny and Daunting Characters. Have fun!

Funny and Daunting Characters





Animals chery 1

Animals chery 2

Animals chery

Bilz & Pap RETRO 1

Bilz & Pap RETRO 2

Bilz & Pap RETRO

Characters 1

Characters 2


Choose to live healthy 1

Choose to live healthy 2

Choose to live healthy

Clueless Racecar Driver 1

Clueless Racecar Driver

Copa Chilectra

Cowboy 1

Cowboy 2


Family Chery 1

Family Chery 2

Family Chery 3

Family Chery

Nutriboost campaign

Old Spice Characters

Pata Escudo

Plant Bottle Coca-Cola 1

Plant Bottle Coca-Cola

Pringles 1


Puma Copa América

Tropitone 2

Tropitone 3

Tropitone 4


Yes, tea 1

Yes, tea

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