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Fresh Fashion and Dresses Photography for Men

If you are going to attend any function and little bit confuse what kind of dress you’ve to wear. So check out these photos you will get some idea what should be the dress. In these photos model Artem Golubyatnikov using perfect combination of color that really inspires me a lot and photographer Marina Danilova beautiful captured him. She is a Russian visual artist and very well known about photography, fashion industry and beauty. After completing her MA degree in Fashion Design she started her career as a costume supervisor in a film production company.

Fresh Fashion for Men-

Fresh Fashion for Men-1

Fresh Fashion for Men-2

Fresh Fashion for Men-3

Fresh Fashion for Men-4

Fresh Fashion for Men-5

Fresh Fashion for Men-6

Fresh Fashion for Men-7

Fresh Fashion for Men-8

Fresh Fashion for Men-9

Fresh Fashion for Men-12

Fresh Fashion for Men-11

Fresh Fashion for Men-10
Via: mdanilova.livejournal

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