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Even Bingo Can Be a Topic for Photography

We have taken a look at gambling tattoo photography in a previous article. That article demonstrated that just about anything can be a great photography subject. Hopefully this article will further drum home that message.

In this piece we are going to look at how even bingo can inspire some pretty awesome pictures; pictures that capture emotion, interesting perspectives and unique moments in time. Thanks to for their help in sourcing some terrific snaps.

A perfectly timed bingo photo

Incredible timing is sometimes the essence of a perfect photo. In bingo the winning moment is charged with emotion. As the photo below highlights, this can make for a wonderful scene.

bingo photography-1

Sights of the City

In urban photography bingo halls provide lots of colour and glamour, which can communicate really nicely when snapped through the camera.

Bingo Photography-2

Close in perspective

Bingo also offers the opportunity to get some nice close ups. You could arrange bingo cards and markers, or focus on the balls. The picture to the right is static, inert, intransient, yet strangely conveys a feeling of flow, of progress. This happens because our brains build a story around the image.

We envisage the scene, the game position and so much more.

Bingo Photography-3

Making your own art

In the photo below the word bingo is used as the subject to create an artistic photo that is striking. This just goes to show that taking great photos is less about the subject than it is about being creative. If you can arrange a subject in a novel way that is interesting on the eye you can take a great snap.

Bingo Photography-4

It’s not what you take it’s the way that you take it

This article really could have been on any topic whatsoever. A fitting end to this series of photos is a masterful photo, from a very skilled photographer. The picture shows that if you are great at spotting a moment, and have the skill to capture the right light, angle and frame, you can produce something beautiful and timeless on any topic. If you are just starting out on your journey to becoming a skilled photographer there are some great tips here.

Bingo Photography-5

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