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Do You Like To Take Pictures Of The Mountains? It’s Important You Gave Due Significance to the Light

Many of us are huge fans of nature. Equipped with a camera, we may have come up with some great photos on various aspects of nature. But just clicking photos will not make one an expert. Just a good camera and a bag of lenses will not give you the best photos. The biggest problem that one faces with natural photography is that the lighting is the only tool that one will have. The positioning, the emotions and the shades will all have to be present in the photo.


The waterfalls and the mountains are not going to give any poses or expressions. Do not expect the mountain to pose for a photograph and neither will they look good if you just simply keep clicking. So the more creative you get the better results you will have.

Lights in photographs of mountains can be one of the most important factors which define the whole photograph. As far as possible one should avoid taking photos during noon as the light at this time makes photos dull. Especially the elements of nature need to be able to highlight their colors. So it is better to take the photos in the morning or in the evening when the light is perfect. Texture plays an important role in mountains photography.


But full frontal light during the noon and mid day can really toss away the textures and make the whole peak look monotonous. If the sunlight is making an angle on the mountains then it is a good time to capture as the shades will emphasize on the peaks and valleys. Silhouette is also quite a great way to capture the form of the mountains. But remember that it should not be completely dark in shadows. Take pictures of the mountains just before the sun rise or just after the sunset to get a little color to the picture.

Light at the mountains are never constant. You cannot find a day which will be totally sunny or totally cloudy. It is a mixture of both and one should be able to make the most of this. It will be handy to have a polarizer to capture that perfect shot on such days. There is no way that you can move mountains to get that perfect shot in the perfect light.

So you have to position yourself well and keep waiting for that perfect moment. Lakes and mountains are a great combination for photography. Did you know that any water body with a mountain can be perfect for a picture if you are on a boat? When on a boat you get various different angels which may not be possible from land.
But by just being on the boat you are not going to get any advantages. One should have a binocular to ascertain when the perfect light patterns will come and then capture with the appropriate lens. Weather can get harsh in the mountains so it is always better to have a rain gear and waterproof binoculars.

About the author: Ryan Holman is a professional photographer and is quite passionate about his work which takes him to some exotic locations. He has been focusing on nature and wildlife photography since nearly two decades. He has worked with some of the leading magazines of the world and has been praised for his expertise in mountains photography.

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