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What to choose: the top 11 IT certification resources

The doubt always remained in the mind of those interested in IT, and will continue to prevail in the further generations, unless they read lists like these which tell them about the top industries for the same. Choosing has never been a simple task, was not for you, is not for us, but the list below has been prepared by certified and experienced professionals of this field. IT exams have all types of certifications, from the world of networking, to ethical hacking, to hands on implementation with the devices. It’s a bit obvious, isn’t it, ipso facto, the amount of job scope offered by the IT industry from all over the world. Open any website, any job application.

The pay of an IT employee will be ten times what you are earning as a matter of fact, and it’s true. If you can develop and code, your life is set. Hence, the never ending competition continues. The thing is, there are so many different vendors, Microsoft, Cisco, Zend, it’s a real win/lose situation for the aspirants. It depends on which certification of IT one really wishes to pursue. The list we have compiled has some salient features of enlightening you with the top 11 vendors, in fact the top 11 vendors in the world, regarding the statures of technical training as well as practicality in the IT department. These vendors have special global certifications, which can help you get the job that you desire with ease. Global certifications work anywhere and vendors like Microsoft can even provide excellent certificates such as the MCE. All the best for your exams and do consult the list thoroughly before making a decision.


Presenting the top 11 IT certification resources:


EC council provides some excellent ethical hacking degrees & certifications to all its students and teaches, encourages to think from a hacker’s perspective to find a solution and prevent getting attacked.


The genius put in the cloud and on-the go services provided by Citrix are simply excellent, credibility to the fact that there’s no classroom limitation. Study where you go and apply for certifications online!


Test-king, along with its study material, has shown excellence in the past and will continue with the good work, if it goes at such a pace. What with the study guides and excellent QnA, the company has again and again shown remarkable outcome, yet again. The online information, articles are pure works of genius as well.


At Microsoft, they won’t let you be disappointed, whatever course you enroll it. Technical support and training around the clock and real life understanding of how OSes work, getting to be familiar with languages such as ASP, .NET, this is the vendor you’re looking for, definitely

5. Braindumps

Braindumpshas been known to deliver what it promises, a sure shot attempt at any certification you aim at, what with the amount of questions and answers, it feels easy enough to prepare for IT related exams usingBraindumps. Even the products published at dumps, are sometimes written by test king, which indeed have nice questions to grasp the major concept of the syllabi.Braindumpsis a must to prepare for exams such as the SY0-401. Also very popular are ccna voice dumps and the jncia dumps.


Already famous for thousands of helping people run different OS on the same machine, worldwide, VMware now (rightfully) brags about helping students get a brilliant certification by the company itself such as the VCP and the VACP


Apart from school, and college, cpp institute provides you a much higher level of applying your knowledge of the language with different aspects and new approaches. Global certifications are guarantedd to successful candidates who pass the exams.


The major software development company of America, pegasystems provides internships as well to the candidates along with certifications that are global and provides excellent training for operating BPM and CRM softwares


The California based company, not only is famous for the extensive software it distributes but also for the PHP 5 certification it provides (best for networking candidates)


Pass4sure provides the best methods and study material, when it comes to IT resources. Each of the study guide or the book provided has detailed info on the topics and the questions, comprehensive tests encourage the candidate to perform better in the exams. Candidates studying at have been known to get global certifications with much ease.


What is an IT firm, if not secure? IT firms repeatedly hold job opportunities for people as Network security head and so on. It is necessary for an IT student to know how to counter attack viruses and at Symantec you learn just that and much more. Global certifications are guaranteed here 100%

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