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Art of Origami by Byriah Loper

Origami is the art of paper folding and taken up by the Byriah Loper who has been starting it since three years. Modular Origami is folding and assembling of multiple pieces of papers together without usage of glue or any thread like and creating a complex geometric shape like quarternary structure of proteins.
Byriah Loper made some models with his fellows Daniel kwan, , Tom Hull, and Robert Lang who has keen interest in constructing such models. Alphabet naming is their favourite in this stuff to construct and they are having impressive results of it.
Here some attractive and amazing models of such pieces.

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-1

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-2

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-3

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-4

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-5

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-6

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-7

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-8

Paper Art by Byriah Loper-9

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