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34 Stunning Lip Art Photography by Eva Senín Pernas

In this post we will be going to share out 34 stunning lip art photography by Eva Senn Pernas. But before highlighting the photos we will be going to talk about the Eva Senn Pernas herself as well. She was born in Spain and since the time of her childhood as well she was fond of architecture. She has taken education in interior architecture at the university. Apart from this field she has each time show out her skills in photography as well. On the birthday of Eva Senn Pernas her grandfather gift her with the camera through which she get the best chance to practice out the photography for enhancing with her skills.

According to Eva Senn Pernas, photography is all defined as the ability of capturing the special moments of your surroundings in just one click. In one of the media interactions Eva Senn Pernas state that she even wanted to be the makeup artist as well but she couldn’t fulfill her dream but then later she decided to highlight the lip art photography in front of the people.

In this post we will be going to share out 34 stunning looking and amazing Eva Senn Pernas lip art photography. In the photos the readers can catch that the photography has shown out all her skills and talents by highlighting out some of the best looking lip art photos.

We are sure that all the photos by Eva Senn Pernas will going to take away your entire attention and heart beats!

Alice Lip Art

beautiful lip art photography

Bite the kiwi lip art

Bloody Mary

Catching Fire Lip Art

Checkmate lip art


colorful Lip Art Photography

Cookie Monster Lip Art

Cotton candy lip art

Crime Scene Lip art

Diamonds every where

Ghirahim inspired lip art

Grease lightning

Green Lantern Lip Art

Have I gone mad

Iron Man Lip Art

Kingdom Hearts lips

Lemon juice Lip Art Photography

Maleficent kiss

Mulan lip art

Nightmare lip art

Orange lip art

Pink lip art

Skyfall Bond Lip Art

Sleeping Beauty Lip Art

Strawberry Shortcake lip art

Sugar lips


The circle of life

The deathly hallows

The smoke of Jamaica

Venom lip art

Watermelon lip art

Via: Eva Senin Pernas | Website

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