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3 Ways to Snap Creative-Looking Photos

Are you thinking about mixing things up a bit and snapping some really creative-looking photos? Honestly you’d be amazed how even the smallest adjustment can transform your photos, and if you want to get started here are a few things that you should try:

  • Shoot from the ground

Taking photos from ground-level (or close to ground-level) can dramatically alter the perspective of both the subject as well as the background. If you don’t want to lie prone on the ground, just put your camera there and frame the shot then review it afterwards.

  • Use a shallow depth of field

While in most cases you’ll want everything in frame to be as in-focus as possible, with a shallow depth of field you go for the opposite effect and only have the subject in-focus while the majority of the other elements in frame are out of focus. Using this effect will draw closer attention to the subject and its details, and create a very different look.

  • Contrast the scale of elements

Sometimes using additional elements in the frame of your shot can help create a nice contrast in their scale. For example instead of just taking a photo of a tall tree, if there was another element (i.e. a person) next to it – it would contrast with its scale and make it look even taller.

While these techniques can all help you to snap creative-looking photos, another area that you’ll want to look into as well is editing your photo. With a simple photo editor such as Movavi Photo Editor, you will be able to manipulate the look and feel of your photos in amazing ways.

Using the features in a photo editor software will let you adjust the color settings so you can alter the white balance, contrast, and so on. In Movavi Photo Editor there is even an automated way that you can do so with just a single click.

On top of that Movavi Photo Editor also has numerous other features that will let you apply creative filters, remove unwanted elements from the frame, transform the frame and orientation, or even touch up or makeover faces. Effectively you will have everything you need to creatively alter your photos so that they match any vision or idea that you have for them.

The best part about using Movavi Photo Editor to alter your photos is how easy it will make it for you to edit your photos. Often all you’ll need to do is click to select the filter or tool that you want to use, and apply it. Of course the best way for you to experience how intuitive it is would be to try it for yourself – so why not do so right now.

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