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15 Most Dangerous Serial Killers of 20th Century

Here we will discuss the list of 15 serial killers of 20th century. If we look at the history of serial killers then we can say that not only men, even women also included in the list of serial killers list. Women who are serial killers also known as female serial killers. The list along with the details of each serial killer is given below.

15. Fred And Rose West

Fred And Rose West

Lastly we have Fred and Rose West. Fred West and his wife Rose raped and murdered 11 young women and girls. The couple was finally arrested in 1994.

14. Arthur Shawcross

Arthur Shawcross

On number 14th, we should mention Arthur Shawcross as a serial killer. He murdered 10 years old boy and raped and killed 8 years old girl. Then, he served 14 years of imprisonment and he got released in 1988.

13. Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe is also known as The Yorkshire Ripper and he is a British serial killer. Peter Sutcliffe targeted prostitutes in Leeds and Bradford.

12. Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez

If we talk about popular serial killers of 20th century then we should talk about the name of Richard Ramirez. He was an American serial killer and he raped girls and women between the age gap of 9 years old to sixty years of women.

11. Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer. He murdered 17 boys and men between the period of 1978 and 1991. Moreover, he also ate parts of his victims.

10. Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen

On number 10th, we have Dennis Nilsen. Well, Dennis Nilsen was a homosexual serial killer and he murdered almost 15 gay men in London.

9. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is also widely known and popular as the serial killer of 20th century. Basically, he was an American serial killer and rapist. He murdered and raped so many women and girls during the period of 1970.

8. Charles Ng And Leonard Lake

Charles Ng And Leonard Lake

Charles Ng and Leonard Lake is a Chinee and American serial killer. Charles Ng murdered and raped with his partner Leonard Lake. In 1985, their crimes became very popular.

7. John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayna Gacy was also dangerous serial killer and he murdered almost 33 teenage boysand young men. An interesting point about this serial killer is that he lured victims to his home for the promise of work and money and then killed them.

6. Anderi Chikatilo

Anderi Chikatilo

On number 6th, we have Andrei Chikatilo. Basically, he was a Soviet serial killer and his nickname was The Butcher Of Rostov. Anderi Chikatilo committed murder of 52 women and children in Russia.

5. Tommy Lynn Sells

Tommy Lynn Sells

Tommy Lynn Sells is also famous as dangerous serial killer in Texas. He has been convicted of so many brutal murders during the period of 1985 and 1999.

4. Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway is also one of the well known the United States serial killers. In 2001, Gary Ridgway got arrested and he confessed that he killed more than 70 women during the period of 1980s and the 1990s.

3. Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel Camargo Barbosa was a well known serial killer. He raped and killed more than 150 young girls in Colombia. After raping the vicitms, Daniel Camargo Barbosa hacked with girls with the machete.

2. Dr Harold Shipman

Dr Harold Shipman

On number 2nd, we have Dr Harold Shipman as a serial killer. Basically, he was an English doctor. For the readers, we want to mention that Dr Harold Shipman has been responsible for more than 250 murders.

1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez

On number 1st, we have Pedro Alonso Lopez as a serial killer. We would like to mention that Pedro Alonso Lopez accused of raping and killing almost 300 girls in South America. In 1980, he got imprisoned and served almost 18 years in the jail.


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